Debt Recovery

A competent team.
speed. diligence. efficiency.

The recovery of unpaid accounts is crucial to your business’ proper performance and viability.

At LANE, we take charge of your commercial debt recovery and banking recovery cases in order to recover the amounts owed to you.

We offer a turnkey service at a competitive rate and assist you to successfully carry out your operations in debt recovery, all in order to minimize your losses.

A Strong Expertise in Commercial Debt Recovery

We have a strong expertise in the following areas:

  • Banking law
  • Recourses for unpaid loans (secured and unsecured)
  • Hypothecary recourses
  • Unpaid commercial accounts
  • Recovery of real estate brokers commissions
  • Leasing claims
  • Recourses for unpaid work and materials in construction
  • Realization of movable and immovable securities

Whether you are a small, medium, or large business/organization, including a public body, a lender or a financial institution, LANE takes charge or your debt recovery cases, whether secured by hypothecs or not.

What sets us apart 

We distinguish ourselves by our quick and efficient service. Our clients appreciate that we constantly keep them informed as to the evolution of their case. Our lawyers are supported by a strong team of paralegals and assistants experienced in debt recovery, making us even more efficient.

We lay everything out for our clients from the beginning, from the fees and timeframe that they can expect, to the chances of their claim’s success.

Additional Services in Matters of Debt Collection

Drafting of Service Contracts Customized to Your Business

We counsel you in the drafting and reviewing of your service contracts or purchase orders, particularly in terms of the addition of specific provisions that will enable you, in certain situations, to claim the legal fees incurred in your collection cases and therefore to minimize your financial losses associated with the institution of legal proceedings to recover your unpaid claims.

Trainings in Debt Collection for Businesses 

We also offer our clients trainings/conferences on how to help them minimize their financial losses caused by bad debts, particularly with claims secured by construction hypothecs for businesses in the construction industry.