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Lawyers and Notaries in the Same Place

In 2018, our firm joined forces with notarial firm Blanchard Lupien notaires L.L.P. to form one of the biggest legal teams north of Montreal.

We now benefit from the presence of Blanchard Lupien’s notaries in our Laval and Blainville offices, which has allowed us to broaden the range of services we offer to our clients in the areas of real estate and commercial transactions, successions, wills, the law of persons, and even in family law.

Blanchard Lupien’s notaries provide us with another professional perspective in the areas of co-ownership law, patrimonial protection, as well as in business and commercial law, not to mention real estate law and successions.

We invite you to read this article, which explains the union between LANE and Blanchard Lupien.

Blanchard Lupien: A Trusted Name for More than 40 Years

See Blanchard Lupien’s corporate brochure (FR).

Founded more than 40 years ago, Blanchard Lupien is one of the biggest notarial firms in the Montreal region, with more than 25 employees, of whom 8 are notaries. 

Recognized for their expertise in real estate law, Blanchard Lupien’s notaries are the ultimate resource when it comes time to purchase a residential, commercial, industrial, or multi-tenant immovable, or an immovable held in co-ownership.

Blanchard Lupien is one of the only notarial firms north of Montreal to carry out real estate transactions (sales and financing) of up to $20 million.

See Blanchard Lupien’s guide for buyers and sellers involved in a real estate transaction (FR).

Business Law, Successions, Wills, Law of Persons, and Family Law

Just like our lawyers, Blanchard Lupien’s notaries are also known for their cutting-edge expertise in business law. Blanchard Lupien’s notaries specializing in business law collaborate regularly with our lawyers on commercial transactions that may require a notary’s assistance/involvement, particularly for the sale and financing of immovables.

Our lawyers and Blanchard Lupien’s notaries specializing in business law work closely together, allowing us to provide our clients with a level of expertise in business law and transactions that very few law firms are capable of offering.

Moreover, Blanchard Lupien has an enviable reputation in matters regarding successions, wills, protection mandates, and the law of persons. Blanchard Lupien’s notaries act, in particular, in the context of the institution of protective supervision and in applications for the court’s homologation of protection mandates.

Blanchard Lupien’s notaries can advise couples who wish to marry or enter into a civil union. In consideration of your situation and family goals, Blanchard Lupien’s notaries will counsel you on the various matrimonial regimes and the consequences of the application of a family patrimony, in addition to ensuring the future spouses’ economic protection. Blanchard Lupien’s notaries can also solemnize your marriage. Additionally, we counsel de facto spouses who wish to enter into a de facto union agreement, which will provide the terms and conditions for a potential separation.

Blanchard Lupien’s notaries can also help with separations and divorces, particularly through mediation with a notary or with a joint request for divorce.

The presence of Blanchard Lupien’s notaries in our offices allows our clients to obtain complementary notarial services under one roof, in the same place.