Litigation and Conflict Resolution


A dispute is not necessarily synonymous with legal proceedings. At LANE, our goal is first and foremost to resolve your dispute as quickly as possible, whether through negotiation or mediation when possible, or as a last resort, through legal proceedings when no other alternative is possible. We counsel and assist our clients in finding innovative solutions to resolve their disputes as efficiently as possible and in their best interests.

In the event that legal proceedings become unavoidable, our lawyers will represent you with competence, rigour, professionalism, and determination to assert your rights before the courts, whether as a plaintiff or as a defendant.

Our approach

We distinguish ourselves by our approach centered rigour, independence, top-quality work, and transparency: if we do not believe in a case’s chances of success, we inform our client on the spot. Particularly, it is our policy to not undertake legal proceedings for which we believe the financial or business issues do not justify the costs that would be incurred. 

Setting the record straight

We make it a point of honour to always give our clients a clear picture of the situation, objectively and from the outset. Particularly, this includes informing them of the foreseeable and realistic costs and fees that they should expect to incur, the strengths and weaknesses of their case, as well as the impacts and consequences of their decisions.

A strategic approach 

From the very beginning of a case, we establish a strategic plan with our clients in order to achieve the desired result. As business lawyers, we distinguish ourselves in litigation and conflict resolution by our cost-benefit approach focused on achieving this result as efficiently as possible. While our lawyers are skilled litigators, they also distinguish themselves by their negotiating skills.

Top-tier customer service and lawyers at the forefront of the law 

We work proactively to offer and propose innovative, pragmatic, and customized solutions to our clients to resolve their disputes and litigation. We distinguish ourselves by our determination to provide our clients with top-tier customer service and a continual follow-up on their case. Our lawyers constantly stay informed of the recent developments in their fields of practice and regularly attend continuing professional education seminars to perfect their skills and benefit our clients.