Real Estate and Construction


At LANE, we possess a wealth of experience and strong expertise in real estate law. Whether you are the owner of a residential or commercial building, a contractor or a construction company, a real estate agent or agency, an insurer, a professional or other stakeholder in the field of real estate, we can provide you with judicious counsel regarding your real estate transactions and operations and assert your rights in the event of disputes or claims.

Recourse for Latent Defects 

We are known for our strong expertise in latent defect claims and are called, on a regular basis, to counsel and represent sellers and buyers of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in legal disputes regarding latent defects, including builders, real estate promoters, contractors and subcontractors involved in latent defect claims. We also specialize in recourses regarding contaminated lands, as well as in claims for hidden defects involving condominiums and co-ownership properties.

Our lawyers frequently provide training and give conferences on matters of latent defects to a wide array of stakeholders in the world of real estate, and to lawyers, notaries, and other real estate professionals, as well as regularly publish legal articles on recent jurisprudential developments in matters of latent defects, thus enabling us to remain at the forefront of law in this field and to counsel our clients judiciously in light of the latest developments in the field.

Property Disputes and Issues regarding Real Estate Titles

We are regularly consulted on issues regarding real estate titles, including title defects, as well as on property disputes related to servitudes, rights of way, or encroachments. We counsel property owners, insurers, and notaries in these matters.

Commercial Leases 

From negotiating, drafting, and reviewing a commercial lease, and from its publication to its renewal, we counsel owners, property managers, and commercial lessees, providing representation to these parties in legal disputes between lessors and lessees.

Condominium Law

We counsel and represent syndicates of co-owners (condominiums) in their legal disputes, and namely for their claims in matters of faulty construction or latent defects affecting the common areas. We also counsel syndicates of co-owners on their day-to-day/current legal affairs.

Real Estate Brokerage 

We have developed a strong expertise in matters of real estate brokerage: for many years, we have provided and continue to provide counsel and representation to numerous real estate and mortgage agencies, as well as to their brokers, notably in matters of recovering unpaid commissions, transactions, and are also providing trainings/conferences in matters of real estate and the associated disciplinary law for real estate brokers and agencies. We frequently represent real estate and mortgage brokers in disciplinary matters before the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec’s (OACIQ) disciplinary committee. 

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

From due diligence to title searches, to the drafting of promises to purchase and agreements for the sale of commercial buildings (including the drafting of indivision agreements), we counsel and represent you in your commercial real estate transactions. We counsel you in matters of real estate taxation, notably in order to recommend the most fitting/efficient ownership structure, as well as to best protect your property from your creditors, particularly by creating trusts for asset protection, or holding companies.

Construction Law

From the recovery of unpaid work or materials, to the preparation of written delcaration of works and construction hypothecs, to the drafting of construction contracts and joint venture agreements, or in matters of recourses/claims for faulty construction or construction defects, we offer a wide array of legal services to stakeholders in the construction industry. We counsel and represent general and specialized contractors as well as real estate promoters and builders, in their legal disputes and in their day-to-day affairs.