Mission and values


LANE is a law firm specializing in Business Law, Real Estate Law, Construction Law, Litigation and Conflict Resolution. 

After working in major national firms for several years, Mtre Bryan-Éric Lane, founded our firm with the firm intention of developing a top-tier boutique law firm offering high quality legal services adapted to the needs of a clientele of individuals, as well as small, medium, and large businesses. 

Our well-reputed law firm is made up of a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to and competent in serving our clients. We prioritize teamwork and the use of the latest technology in order to serve our clients most efficiently.


In 2018, our firm joined forces with notarial firm Blanchard Lupien LLP to form one of the biggest legal teams north of Montreal. We now benefit from the presence of notaries in our offices, which has allowed us to broaden the range of services we offer to our clients in the areas of real estate and commercial transactions, successions, wills, the law of persons, and even in family law.

Blanchard Lupien’s notaries provide our lawyers with another professional perspective, particularly in the areas of co‑ownership law, patrimonial protection, the law of persons, as well as in business and commercial law, not to mention real estate law and successions. 

We believe in the complementarity of lawyers and notaries and are of the opinion that this union/partnership between LANE and Blanchard Lupien will be beneficial for our professionals as well as our clients.


Providing innovative, efficient, pragmatic, and cutting-edge legal advices and solutions that aim to achieve our clients’ business objectives in a manner that satisfies their needs by offering a personalized service and high-quality work at a competitive rate.


Providing Case-Specific Solutions

We are constantly working to provide our clients with solutions tailored to their needs and situation.

Serving and Counselling our Clients in an Independent, Objective, and Efficient Manner

We seek to provide our clients with an added value and we counsel them with independence, competence, and objectivity, getting to the heart of the matter as of the first meeting.

The Excellence of our Work and our Dedication to Perfection

We make sure to always provide top-quality work. We are constantly working to improve our skills, and accordingly, our lawyers regularly receive professional training in their fields of practice in order to remain on the cutting edge of the law.


At LANE, we provide a complete, clear, and precise diagnosis from the start in order to fully inform our clients of the pros and cons of their cases. We quickly discern the legal issues and the business issues, the strong elements and the weak elements, as well as the related costs, and transparently, independently, precisely, and objectively communicate this to our clients. We distinguish ourselves by our practical, results-oriented, business approach, in order to counsel our clients in this manner.

At LANE, the client is our main concern: excellence in customer service is our constant priority.

Whether you are an individual or a business, and regardless of the nature or the scope of the mandate given to us, in working with LANE, every client enjoys top-tier customer service. The quality of our work is never compromised.

Regardless of the timeframe, issues, difficulties, or complexities of the mandate entrusted to us, we do our utmost to deliver a result.