Collaboration between Mtre Bryan-Eric Lane and Éditions Yvon Blais for the Development of the Brand New Legal Research Tool Quantum – Vices cachés


November 5, 2016 News

Mtre Bryan-Eric Lane collaborated on the development of the research tool Quantum - Vices cachés, launched by Éditions Yvon Blais, this past July 12th.

The product Quantum – Vices cachés is a research tool that allows practitioners to perform jurisprudential research on latent defects by selecting the factual elements that correspond to their case on the search screen, therefore facilitating the process by isolating the pertinent results from the bank of decisions made up of all the judgments on the merits of cases regarding latent defects in real estate matters since 2005.

This product provides a summary sheet for each decision, a fiche Quantum that compiles and structures all of the relevant factual elements of the decision into a table, facilitating the practitioner’s analytical work.

Quantum – Vices cachés increases efficiency in jurisprudential research on latent defects. This product makes it possible to obtain relevant decisions much faster, allowing the practitioner to maximize the time dedicated to the analysis of relevant decisions and minimize the time spent looking for them.

See the video presenting Quantum – Vices cachés in which Mtre Lane is featured:

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